Dear all,

it is now 8 years or so since we started working on CoralNet. While the intent has always been for the project to be open-source, we have not felt ready to actually share the code. However, as the code has matured, and the project evolved, we finally feel ready to open up the source code to the public. So we did. Today!

So from now on, you can go to

and browse the source code that runs this website. You can also suggest changes and contribute directly to the code-base.

Our ambition is that this will help provide longevity to the project since 1) we can get more help from the community to implement features, and 2) anyone can clone the code and setup their own version of CoralNet.

Simply Easy Learning

The repository has all the code and documentation you need to run a development (test) version of the CoralNet website. However, it doesn't include all the configuration details of our production CoralNet server, such as the web proxy and mail server, since those details are less relevant to CoralNet development and more relevant to our server's security. The repository also doesn't include code for running the automated classification backend. That code is part of another repository which we have not (yet) made public.

You can discuss this article on the forum:!topic/coralnet-users/HMTzMLQnLuI