Welcome to the CoralNet blog!

CoralNet now estimates carbonate production rates

CoralNet now has the capacity to estimate benthic carbonate production from image annotations.

CoralNet is officially out of Beta

It is our pleasure to announce that CoralNet is out of Beta and on to “CoralNet 1.0”.

A new deep learning engine for CoralNet

For the release of CoralNet 1.0, we have created a new deep learning engine that is more accurate and faster.

Annotation tool bug fixes follow-up: checking potentially affected images

Hi all, We had a couple of major tasks that we were hoping to finish around the middle of this year, but for one reason or … (More...)

Automatically annotating 175,000+ images with the CoralNet API

This is a guest post from Scott Miller from Florida State University. Scott helped us beta-test the new deploy API and was kind enough to share his experience in this post.

Annotation tool display bugs fixed

We have just fixed two major display bugs that have been plaguing the annotation tool for a while.

Two changes to point annotations

We've recently been working on a structural overhaul of CoralNet's computer vision backend. In the process, we've re-evaluated a couple of finer details of how point annotations work on CoralNet. Depending on how you use CoralNet to get your work done, those details may affect you.

CoralNet is now open-source!

it is now 8 years or so since we started working on CoralNet. While the intent has always been for the project to be open-source, we have not felt ready to actually share the code. However, as the code has matured, and the project evolved, we finally feel ready to open up the source code to the public. So we did. Today!

New Help portal; updated points of contact

It's tempting for site developers like us to spend all our time working on shiny new site features, but we haven't necessarily done the best job of communicating how to use CoralNet's existing features. So we're rolling out a couple of updates in that regard.

Introducing CoralNet's blog! Plus label browsing updates

We've just launched this development blog for CoralNet! From now on, we'll use this blog to introduce new site features, significant site changes, or other CoralNet related news.