CRED-Montipora spp_branching

Name: CRED-Montipora spp_branching

Functional Group: Hard coral

Default Short Code: *MOBR

THIS LABEL IS A DUPLICATE OF: Montipora (branching)

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CRED-Montipora spp_branching


Refers to an area on a Montipora colony exhibiting a branching morphology. Includes the following species: M. capitata, M. incrassata

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CREP-REA HAWAII_v2 | PMNM Benthic LTM | Water Outlet | Wide Open Projects - Raja Ampat | Al Lith 2015 | CREP-Calibration Exercise (REA, Tier 3b) | CREP-FISH WMAUI | CREP- REA Calibration-NWHI | CREP-REA CT | CREP-REA HAWAII | CREP-REA MARIANAS | CREP-REA SAMOA/PRIA | CREP-REA SAMOA/PRIA Calibration | CREP-REA SAMOA/PRIA v2 | Maldives ACA | NOAA-CRED_EVAL | POME.adjacent.habitat | Secret Spot (All) | Xiao Liuqiu survey |

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