Tubastraea tagusensis

Name: Tubastraea tagusensis

Functional Group: Hard coral

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Tubastraea tagusensis


Colonies are reptoid to dendroid, characterised by many short branches arising from a central area and extending out in all directions. Corallites are oval; the largest is 7.0 mm by 13.0 mm, the smallest is 5.5mm by 7.0 mm. Calices are up to 7.0 mm deep. Septa are arranged in 4 cycles, following Pourtales plan. Primary and secondary septa slope steeply in the columella, and their inner margin is entire or occasionally has small dentations. The third and fourth cycle septa are dentate, especially along the upper half. All septa are granulated, reach the columella, and become fenestrate near the wall. The columella is thin, about 1.0 by 6.0 mm, spongy, and is composted of twisted trabeculae. Septa are only slightly exsert or not exsert above the wall. The corallite wall is 1.0 to 3.0 mm thick, striated, and has sharp dentations. Tubastraea tagusensis has larger and thicker walled corallites than T. coccinea.

Colour: Colonies may be deep red-brown to bright red-range. Polyps are not extended during the day.

The Corals and Coral Reef Fishes of Kuwait

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