Cladopsammia gracilis

Name: Cladopsammia gracilis

Functional Group: Hard coral

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Cladopsammia gracilis


Formally called Dendrophyllia gracilis
Colonies are dendroid and reptoid, usually about 6 cm in diameter. Colonies are composed of multiple branches up to 23 mm in height, but usually less than 15 mm, attached to each other by a thin basal plate. The branches appear to become separated at the base when the thin plate dies Branches are curved, with a tendency to increase in diameter with distance from base.The largest branches are oval, 7 mm by 8 mm, in diameter. Small branchlets may bud from the basal plate or directly from the larger branches. New buds are circular, up to about 2.2 mm in diameter. Corallites are tubular, face outwards and may be up to 5.0 mm deep. Septa are arranged in 4 regular orders, closely following Pourtales plan. Up to 64 septa are present in large calices, 22 septa in new buds. Primary and secondary septa are more exsert than tertiaries, and tertiaries are more exsert than quaternaries. Primaries and secondaries bulge inwards forming a long smooth lobe before descending into the calice. Tertiaries and quaternaries often carry small dentations, and extend inwards towards the centre further than the primaries. All septa reach the spongy columella, which is composed of twisted trabeculae. Septa are lightly granulated. Costae are regularly dentate, with rows of teeth alternating with perforated valleys. Walls are fenestrate and thin, about 0.5 mm thick. This is the smallest dendrophyllid in Kuwait and has much smaller corallites than Tubastraea.

Colour: Colonies are a brilliant translucent orange or yellow. Polyps are large and fleshy when extended.
Colour: Colonies may be deep red-brown to bright red-range. Polyps are not extended during the day.

The Corals and Coral Reef Fishes of Kuwait

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