Polycyathus margondoni

Name: Polycyathus margondoni

Functional Group: Hard coral

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Polycyathus margondoni


Colonies are encrusting, reptoid, composed of about 2 dozen plocoid corallites. Corallites are round to oval, up to 2.5 mm in height; smallest is 2.3 mm in diameter and largest is 5.0 mm in diameter. Budding is circumoral. Septa are in 3 orders that are unequally exsert over the wall. The 6 primaries are the most exsert, and their upper septal margin is more rounded than that of the other septa. There are 8 septa per 2.0 mm along the wall, with a maximum of 46 septa in one corallite. All septa are lightly granulated and may have smooth inner margins or occiasionally carry tiny dentations. All septa carry 1 to 3 pali before reaching the columella. The columella is distinctive and is composed of many vertical pillars of equal height. Viewed from above, each corallite has 3 distinct zones: the outer zone cmposed of the exsert septa, the middle zone composed of the pali, and the central zone is the columella. The outer wall may be very lightly granulated and smoothly costate. The exotheca is also granulated but non-costate. The most similar coral that also lives in the cryptic habitats is Culicia tenella which is distingyished by having generally smaller corallites and a more fleshy polyp, sometimes with an orange ring.

The corals and Coral Reef Fishes of Kuwait

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