Paracyathus stokesi

Name: Paracyathus stokesi

Functional Group: Hard coral

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Paracyathus stokesi


Solitary corals, up to 16.0 mm high, arising from an encrusting basal plate. The corallite stalk is cylindrical in immature individuals, tapering proximally in mature individuals, up to 8.7 mm at the round base, and 10.0 by 17.0 mm at the top of the ovoid corallite. Viewed from above, the ovoid corallite is pinched across the short axis. Viewed from the side, the corallite walls are higher in the middle at the short axis than at the ends of the long axis. Up to 84 septa present in 4 orders, irregularly exsert over the wall. All septa are elaborately granulated, with al the granules often aligned to form fan-shaped ridges. All septa plunge steeply into the calice, and the inner margins of the second, third and fourth orders often fuse before reaching the columella. All septa carry pali and 1 or 2 deeply cut, vertical dentations prior to reaching the columella. The columella is long and narrow, about 1.0 mm by 4.8 mm in mature specimens. Costae are lightly granulated and become more exsert as they approach the septa. The wall including the septa is about 4.0 mm thick on large individuals.

Colour: Polyps are transparent and extended only at night. The septa and columella of freshly killed specimens retain a diagnostic black colouration unless subjected to strong bleach.

The corals and Coral Reef Fishes of Kuwait

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