Hydnophora exesa

Name: Hydnophora exesa

Functional Group: Hard coral

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Hydnophora exesa


Colonies are submassive, encrusting, laminar or subarborescent. Much of this variation may occur in the same colony but some colonies are composed only of plates. Hydnophores are 5-8 millimetres diameter. Tentacles are often extended day and night; they are long and shaggy and of uniform length.

Colour: Cream or dull green.


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Al Lith 2015 | Arabian Coral Reef Monitoring Network | Guam_NAVAC_DoD | Guam_NAVAC_DOD_Swaths | KI_2007_BenthicAnalysis | KI_2014_BenthicAnalysis | Outlet_TWN |

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