Leptoseris cucullata

Name: Leptoseris cucullata

Functional Group: Hard coral

Default Short Code: LEPCU

Verified: No
Popularity: 51%

Stats: Used in 17 sources and for 55 annotations

Leptoseris cucullata


“Sunray Lettuce Coral”
Leafy, usually single whorl, big calices strongly inclined outwards towards the edge of the place

Used in these sources:

Espiritu Santo-Xcalak | Akumal Backreef | Akumal, Mexico | Belize Image Analysis | Curacao Survey 2016 | Darwin Cayman Brac | East Caicos Corals 2018 | Flamingo Reef - NR | Grand Turk EIA | Opwall SVS Utila | South FL Restoration | UNAM Mexican Caribbean 2016 |

Create Date: Oct. 9, 2015, 2:08 a.m.

Created By: seemannj

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