Acropora gemmifera

Name: Acropora gemmifera

Functional Group: Hard coral

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Acropora gemmifera


Characters: Colonies are digitate. Branches are thick, tapering to a small axial corallite. Radial corallites are of two sizes, usually in rows. The larger sized corallites increase in length towards branch bases, where incipient axial corallites are common.
Colour: Usually purple, blue (which may photograph pink), cream or brown, with blue or white branch tips. Dark grey with white corallite rims and yellow axial corallites in the western Indian Ocean.
Similar Species: Acropora humilis and A. monticulosa, the latter having radial corallites of uniform length down the sides of branches.
Habitat: Exposed upper reef slopes and flats.
Abundance: Common.
Taxonomic References: Veron and Wallace (1984); Wallace (1999); Veron (2000a); Wallace, Done and Muir (2012);
Identification Guides: Veron (1986a); Nishihira and Veron (1995); Turak and DeVantier (2011b);

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