Corals: Stony corals: Corymbose

Name: Corals: Stony corals: Corymbose

Functional Group: Hard coral

Default Short Code: CCOR

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Corals: Stony corals: Corymbose


Corymbose growth-forms are sometimes described as ‘crazy’ branching, irregular, dense and bushy. Grows in lots of small branching corals with the branches having many smaller offshoots.

Used in these sources:

Fathom Pacific | Gus - 3D structure NSW | Myrmidon_AUV_Real | RLS - Bouddi (MA+BC) | RLS - Shelly Beach (SB) | SIMP Bleaching 2016 | SIMP Hamish 2017 | SIMP Hamish 2019 |

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