Cycloseris curvata

Name: Cycloseris curvata

Functional Group: Hard coral

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Cycloseris curvata


Cycloseris curvata (Hoeksema , 1989 )
Corallum: Solitary and free-living, the immature coralla regularly discoidal, but later folded. Coralla relatively thick, small ones relatively fl at while they become highly arched when larger. Diameter varies between 1.5 and 8.5 cm.
Septa : Densely packed, straight except where they fuse at the corallum margin. Unequal in thickness and height. The margins are ornamented with fi ne, sharp dentations which become indistinct on the thickened lower order septa.
Costae: Almost equal in size; distinct at the corallum margins. Ornamented with small and acute, granular spines.
Columella: formed by mingled mass of loosely packed,partly fused trabeculae and paliform lobes with the tips pointing in various directions.
Thecae : Solid wall is not granulated and may still show a detachment scar at the aboral side of small specimens.

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