Site Map (where do I do ___?)

Note: You might not see all of these menu items, or all of these available actions, depending on your permission level for the source (Admin, Edit, View / non-member).

Source-level controls


  • Edit source details and settings: name, description, default point generation method, Alleviate confidence threshold, etc.
  • Invite another user to be a member in the source
  • Edit a source member's permission level
  • Remove a source member
  • Delete the entire source


  • Upload (import) images, metadata, points, and annotations (from CSV or CPCe files)


  • Create a labelset for the source (if it doesn't already have a labelset)
  • View the source's labelset
  • Edit (customize) label short codes for the source
  • Add or remove labels to/from the source's labelset
  • Export the source's labelset as a CSV file
  • Import labels from a CSV file to the labelset


  • Browse the source's images, using search filters
  • Take various actions on a set of images
  • Start an annotation session for the images
  • Export (download) metadata, points, annotations (as CSV or CPCe files), image covers (per-image annotation summaries), and carbonate production estimates for the images
  • Delete the images


  • Browse image 'patches' (close-ups of annotations in the source)


  • Edit all images' metadata


  • View classifier performance diagnostics: over all labels (line plot), or on specific labels/functional groups (confusion matrix)

Image-level controls

Image Details (this page)

  • View the image in its original resolution/quality (right click -> 'Save image as...' to download)
  • Regenerate points, delete annotations, or edit the annotation area for this image (available options depend on the state of the points/annotations)
  • Edit the image's details (metadata)
  • Delete the image

Annotation Tool

  • View and edit annotations for this image, using an interface similar to CPCe

Annotation History

  • View change history for this image's annotations (both by human annotators and the automated classifier)