This labelset has 98 labels:
Name Short Code Functional Group
Acropora (branching) Acr_BR Hard coral
Acropora (tabulate) Acr_TA Hard coral
Agaricia spp. Agaric_EN Hard coral
Agaricia Agaric_FO Hard coral
Agariciidae Agaric_MA Hard coral
CRED-Goniopora/Alveopora spp AlvGon_CO Hard coral
Alveopora_encrusting AlvGon_EN Hard coral
Astreopora Astreo Hard coral
Bleached Hard Coral Bleach_HC Hard coral
Brain Corals Brain_EN Hard coral
Meandroid (brain) corals Brain_MA Hard coral
Echinopora_encrusting EchDipE_EN Hard coral
Diploastrea_massive EchDipE_MA Hard coral
Echinopora Branching Echinop_BR Hard coral
Favites_encrusting fFav_EN Hard coral
Favites_massive fFav_MA Hard coral
Galaxea Galaxea Hard coral
Goniastrea Goniastrea Hard coral
Hard Coral (branching) HC_BR Hard coral
Hard Coral (columnar) HC_CO Hard coral
Hard Coral (encrusting) HC_EN Hard coral
Hard Coral (foliose) HC_FO Hard coral
Hard Coral (free-living) HC_FREE Hard coral
Hard Coral (massive) HC_MA Hard coral
Hard Coral Solitary HC_SOL Hard coral
Unknown Hard Coral HC_UNK Hard coral
Lobophyllia Lobophyl Hard coral
Montipora (branching) Monti_BR Hard coral
Montipora (encrusting) Monti_EN Hard coral
Montipora (foliose) Monti_FO Hard coral
Montipora_massive Monti_MA Hard coral
Tubastrea Phaceloid Hard coral
Plerogyra Plerog Hard coral
Pocillopora Pocill Hard coral
Porites (branching) Por_BR Hard coral
Porites_columnar Por_CO Hard coral
Porites_encrusting Por_EN Hard coral
Porites_foliose Por_FO Hard coral
Porites (massive) Por_MA Hard coral
Seriatopora Seriatop Hard coral
Stylophora Styloph Hard coral
Turbinaria (coral) Turbinaria Hard coral
Anemone Anemone Other Invertebrates
Bivalve Bivalve Other Invertebrates
Black Coral 1 Blk_Coral Other Invertebrates
Crown of Thorns Sea Star COTS Other Invertebrates
Tridacna: Giant clam GiCl Other Invertebrates
Tridacna Giant Clam tissue GiCl Ti Other Invertebrates
Holothuria Holo Other Invertebrates
Hydrocoral Hydrocoral Other Invertebrates
Millepora Millepora Other Invertebrates
Echinoderms Sea Star Other Invertebrates
CRED-Unclassified soft coral Soft Coral Other Invertebrates
Sponge Sponge Other Invertebrates
Encrusting sponge Sponge_EN Other Invertebrates
Sponges: Massive forms: Barrels Sponge_MB Other Invertebrates
CRED-Unclassified sessile invertebrate Uncl SI Other Invertebrates
Echinoderms: sea urchin Urchin Other Invertebrates
Long spines sea urchin Urch_LSP Other Invertebrates
XENIIDAE Xeniidae Other Invertebrates
Zoanthid Zoanthid Other Invertebrates
Sand Sand Soft Substrate
sediment (fine) Sed Fine Soft Substrate
Bare Rock Bare Rock Hard Substrate
Bare Rubble Bare Rub Hard Substrate
Dead coral Dead HC Hard Substrate
Rhodoliths Rhodo Hard Substrate
Dead coral with turf algae TRF_DHC Hard Substrate
Rock Turf Algae TRF_Rock Hard Substrate
Dead Clam Shell Dead Clam Other
Debris Debris Other
Mobile fauna Mbl Fauna Other
No_data NoDa Other
Shadow SHAD Other
Unknown UNK Other
Wand WAND Other
Blue-Green Algae BLGR Algae
Caulerpa Caulerpa Algae
CCA: On dead coral CCA_DHC Algae
CCA growing on hard substrate CCA_H Algae
CCA growing on rubble CCA_Rub Algae
Dictyota Dictyota Algae
CRED-Encrusting macroalgae EMA Algae
Halimeda Halimeda Algae
CRED-Brown macroalgae MA_Brn Algae
CRED-Green macroalgae MA_Grn Algae
Macroalgae: Laminate: red: peysonnelia MA_LRP Algae
CRED-Red macroalgae MA_Red Algae
CRED-Upright macroalgae MA_Up Algae
Padina Padina Algae
Turf on rubble TRF_Rub Algae
turf_sedimented TRF_Sed Algae
Thick turf algae TRF_Thick Algae
Turbinaria (algae) Turbin Algae
Tydemania spp. Tydem Algae
Seagrass Seagrass Seagrass