Corals: Stony corals

Name: Corals: Stony corals

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Corals: Stony corals


Stony corals are hexacorallids with an external skeleton. They have a wide variety of growth forms and are found from cold-temperate to tropical temperatures and from the shallows into the deep sea.
Three types of octocorals can easily be confused with stony corals unless the viewer is familiar with the fauna in his/her region; these are the Organpipe corals, massive octocorals and Blue corals (see previous section)

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Espiritu Santo-Xcalak | Eastern Africa | LTER Outer Deep 2017 | RLS - Bouddi (MA+BC) | RLS - Shelly Beach (SB) | Shannen - PQs | UNAM Mexican Caribbean 2016 |

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