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Photo quadrats from urchin collections in Batemans Bay, Sydney and Coffs Harbour.

Urchins were collected from seven sites in New South Wales from April 23rd to June 3rd 2021, from the Coffs Harbour, Sydney and Batemans Bay regions. Coffs Harbour sites included South Solitary Island (30°12'26.7"S, 153°15'58.4"E) and Corindi beach (30°01'55.9"S 153°12'20.8"E). Sydney sites included Kurnell (34°0'10"S, 151°13'34"E), Coogee (33°55'32.2"S 151°15'40.9"E) and Little Bay (33°58'46.4"S 151°15'11.7"E). Batemans Bay sites included Pretty Point Bay (35°48'00.3"S 150°14'09.9"E) and Wimbie Beach (35°45'42.8"S 150°12'55.9"E).

Photo quadrats (25 x 25cm) were placed once each urchin was removed, and the benthic environment within the quadrat was photographed.


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