This labelset has 40 labels:
Name Short Code Functional Group
Branching No axial Corallite BR-Angular Hard coral
Branching with Axial Corallite Br-AxiCor Hard coral
Branching with No Axial Corallite <2mm Br-c1 Hard coral
Branching with No Axial Corallite >2mm Br-c2 Hard coral
Columns Column Hard coral
Large daytime expanded polyps Larg-day Hard coral
Massive No Walls Ma-NoWall Hard coral
Massive raised skeletal Ma-Raised Hard coral
Massive Separate <8mm Ma-Sep1 Hard coral
Massive Separate 8-20mm Ma-Sep2 Hard coral
Massive Shared <8mm Ma-ShW1 Hard coral
Massive shared 8-12mm Ma-ShW2 Hard coral
Massive shared >12mm Ma-ShW3 Hard coral
Meandering Ridges seperate M-Sep Hard coral
Meandering Ridges 1-4mm M-ShW1 Hard coral
Meandering Ridges 4-10mm M-ShW2 Hard coral
Meandering Ridges >10mm M-ShW3 Hard coral
CREP-T2 Non-Scleractinian *NS Hard coral
Solitary free living disk circular 10-30cm S-Fl1 Hard coral
Solitary free living disk elongate S-Fl2 Hard coral
Solitary free living other S-Fl3 Hard coral
Solitary isolated and attached S-I Hard coral
Thin plates rounded corallites T-E Hard coral
Thin plates with fingers T-F Hard coral
Thin plate septo-costae T-L Hard coral
Thin plates raised skeletal T-Raised Hard coral
Thin plates vase T-V Hard coral
Corallimorpharia Collimorph Other Invertebrates
Erect coralline red algae ERCR Other Invertebrates
Sponge SP Other Invertebrates
Coral rubble Rubble_cor Soft Substrate
Sand Sand Soft Substrate
Pavement Pavement Hard Substrate
Other O Other
Shadow SHAD Other
Unknown Unk Other
CCA (crustose coralline algae) CCA Algae
Macroalgae MAL Algae
Turf algae Turf Algae