This labelset has 80 labels:
Name Short Code Functional Group
Acropora (corymbose) Acr_corym Hard coral
Astreopora (massive) Astreo_mas Hard coral
BRA: Acropora Branching BRA_ARB_Ac Hard coral
Branching bleached BRA_BLC Hard coral
BRA: Acropora Bottlebrush BRA_BOT_Ac Hard coral
Acropora digitate, branches resembling finger BRA_DIG_Ac Hard coral
Fine branching non-Acroporids, Seriatopora, BRA_FIN_Se Hard coral
BRA: Other BRA_OTH Hard coral
Stylophora (branching) BRA_RND_St Hard coral
Porites (branching) BRA_SMO_Po Hard coral
Acropora corymbose/tabular/plate BRA_TAB-Ac Hard coral
Pocillopora species BRA_VER_Po Hard coral
MASE: Bleached MASE_BLC Hard coral
MASE: Galaxea MASE_LRG_G Hard coral
MASE: Isopora MASE_LRG_I Hard coral
MASE: Large Rounded Polyps MASE_LRG_O Hard coral
MASE: Lobophyllia MASE_MEA_L Hard coral
MASE: Meandering Other MASE_MEA_O Hard coral
MASE: Other MASE_OTH Hard coral
MASE: Small or Invis Polyps MASE_SML_O Hard coral
MASE: Porites MASE_SMO_P Hard coral
Montipora (branching) Monti_br Hard coral
Non hermatypic: Free living (Fungia, etc) NON_FREE Hard coral
Non Hermatypic Heliopora NON_HEL Hard coral
Non Hermatypic: Millepora NON_MIL Hard coral
Thin, Foliose, and Plating bleached TFP_BLC Hard coral
Thin, Foliose, Plating: Other TFP_OTH Hard coral
TFP: Visible Relief Structures TFP_RDG_Al Hard coral
TFP: Visible Round Corallites TFP_RND_Al Hard coral
TFP: Porites TFP_SMO_Po Hard coral
Crown of Thorns Sea Star MINV_COTS Other Invertebrates
Crinoids. MINV_CRI Other Invertebrates
Sea cucumbers, sea urchins, sea stars, lobste MINV_OTH Other Invertebrates
Other sesile invertebrates soft hexacorrallia SINV_HEX_O Other Invertebrates
Hydroids: Feathery Types SINV_HYD Other Invertebrates
Other sesile invertebrates Bryozoa, clams SINV_OTH Other Invertebrates
Common LRG Alcyoniide SINV_SFC_A Other Invertebrates
Sea fans/plumes/branching/whipes SINV_SFC_E Other Invertebrates
Other Soft Corals SINV_SFC_O Other Invertebrates
Sponges: Branching, Rope Forms SINV_SPO_E Other Invertebrates
SINV_SPO_FAN SINV_SPO_F Other Invertebrates
Massive or encrusting sponges SINV_SPO_M Other Invertebrates
Sponges: Vase SINV_SPO_V Other Invertebrates
Individual Tunicates SINV_TUN Other Invertebrates
Loose Substrate: Rubble LSUB_RUB Soft Substrate
Loose Substrate: Sand LSUB_SAND Soft Substrate
Loose Substrate: Sediment LSUB_SEDI Soft Substrate
Dark Hard Substrate HSUB_DRK Hard Substrate
White Hard Substrate HSUB_WHT Hard Substrate
Fish FISH Other
Fishing gear GEAR Other
Water_H20 H20 Other
Transect hardware Trans Other
Trash: Human Origin TSH Other
Unclear Unc Other
Unknown Unk Other
Algae: Other ALGAE_OTH Algae
Calcifying calcareous crustose algae: DHC CAL_CCA_DC Algae
Calcifying Calcareous Crustose Algae: Rubble CAL_CCA_RB Algae
Calcifying Calcareous Crustose Algae: Sub CAL_CCA_S Algae
Cyanobacteria smothering dead coral CYANO_DHC Algae
Cyanobacteria smothering rubble CYANO_RB Algae
Cyanobacteria on rock or other substrates CYANO_Sub Algae
EAM: Dead Hard Coral EAM_DHC Algae
Epilithic algal matirx smotheting rubble EAM_RB Algae
EAM: Rock or Substrate EAM_Sub Algae
Calcifying algae: Halimeda MACR_Cal_H Algae
Calcifying algae: Other MACR_Cal_O Algae
Calcifying macroalgae: Padina MACR_Cal_P Algae
Filamentous Macroalgae MACR_Fil_A Algae
Foliose Strap/ Branched Macro Algae MACR_Fol_B Algae
Foliose Fan-shaped Macroalgae MACR_Fol_F Algae
Foliose Algae: Other MACR_Fol_O Algae
Foliose Feathery Macro Algae MACR_Fol_P Algae
Foliose sheeting macroalage: (e.g Ulva) MACR_Fol_S Algae
Algae: Large Visible Globules MACR_GLOB Algae
Leathery Macrophytes: Other MACR_LTH_O Algae
Leathery Macrophytes: Sargassum MACR_LTH_S Algae
Leathery Macrophytes: Brown MACR_LTH_T Algae
Seagrass. SGRASS Seagrass