This labelset has 61 labels:
Name Short Code Functional Group
Acanthastrea Acanth Hard coral
Acanthastrea Dead ACDD Hard coral
Acropora (branching) Acr_bra Hard coral
Acropora Acropora Hard coral
Acropora (tabulate) Acr_tab Hard coral
Astreopora Astreo Hard coral
Bleached Acropora B_Acro Hard coral
Bleached Acropora branching BAcroBr Hard coral
Bleached Acropora tabulate BAT Hard coral
Bleached Cyphastrea B_Cyph Hard coral
Bleached Goniopora B_Goniop Hard coral
Hard Coral (branching) C_branch Hard coral
Cyphastrea Cypha Hard coral
Dead Acropora (branching) DAcropBra Hard coral
Dead Acropora Dead Acrop Hard coral
Dead Favites DFav Hard coral
Dipsastraea Dipsa Hard coral
Dead Massive Coral DMS Hard coral
Favites Favites Hard coral
Fungia Fungia Hard coral
Goniastrea Goniastrea Hard coral
Goniopora Goniopora Hard coral
Hard Coral (encrusting) HC_encr Hard coral
Hard Coral (massive) HC_massive Hard coral
Isopora Isopora Hard coral
Pocillopora Pocill Hard coral
Stylophora Styloph Hard coral
Turf Algae-covered Cyphastrea TACYP Hard coral
Turf Algae-covered Goniastrea TAGEA Hard coral
Turf Algae-covered Goniopora TAGRA Hard coral
Cladiella Clad Other Invertebrates
Clam, unidentified Clm Other Invertebrates
Corallimorpharia Collimorph Other Invertebrates
Echinoderms ECHINODERM Other Invertebrates
Molluscs: Bivalves MOBI Other Invertebrates
Octocorallia Octocoral Other Invertebrates
Porifera Prfa Other Invertebrates
Sarcophyton Sarco Other Invertebrates
Soft Coral SC Other Invertebrates
Sand Sand Soft Substrate
Astreopora spp._recently dead ASSP_RD Hard Substrate
Cyphastrea spp. recently dead CYSP_RD Hard Substrate
Dead coral D_coral Hard Substrate
Dead encrusting coral D_Encrus Hard Substrate
Turf algae on Dead Acropora (tabulate) TURDAcrTab Hard Substrate
Dead Dipsastraea with Turf Algae TURDDipsa Hard Substrate
Dead coral with turf algae TURDHC Hard Substrate
Wood Wood Hard Substrate
Rubble Rubble Other
Transect hardware Transect Other
CCA (crustose coralline algae) CCA Algae
CCA on dead branching CCA_DB Algae
CCA growing on rubble CCA_Rub Algae
Dead Pocillopora with sedimented turf Dpocsed Algae
EAM: with sand EAMsand Algae
Macroalgae MAL Algae
Pink branching CCA on dead tabular coral /pbCCAdtC Algae
Turf on dead branching TBRA Algae
Turf algae Turf Algae
Turf on rubble Turf_rubbl Algae
Turf and sand Turf_sand Algae