Hard Coral (branching)

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Hard Coral (branching)


Branching corals (also called arborescent, arboreal or ramose corals) branch like a tree. They grow from a base or trunk and their branches have projections of their own. Branching corals are very diverse but generally the term branching describes colonies that have secondary branches coming off the first branch. Forms that don’t have the secondary branches are generally classed as digitate or columnar forms. The tips of branches can be used to differentiate between similar genera. Acropora species having an axial polyp at the tip of the branches, Pocillopora species have branches that are tapered at the tip, Seriatopora species branches taper to a needle point and Stylophora branches are sub-rounded or blunt. These growth forms include shallow as well as deepsea forms. In deepsea forms three regions can be identified in the coral matrix, life polyps (coloured), recently dead skeleton (white) and long-dead skeleton (generally black and/ or overgrown).

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