This labelset has 21 labels:
Name Short Code Functional Group
Bleached Hard Coral B_HC Hard coral
Hard Coral branching HCBR Hard coral
Hard Coral Digitate HCCD Hard coral
Hard Coral Massive HCMA Hard coral
Hard Coral (meandering ridge and valleys) HCME Hard coral
Hard Coral_Encrusting HCPE Hard coral
Crown of thorns starfish COTS Other Invertebrates
Echinoderms: sea urchin EUR Other Invertebrates
Other Invertebrates OR_Invert Other Invertebrates
Soft Coral Soft Other Invertebrates
sediment (fine) FINE Soft Substrate
Sand Sand Soft Substrate
Dead Coral with Turf Sediment (LOF) DEAD+TS Hard Substrate
Fish FISH Other
Other SPG Other
Anthropogenic debris TRASH Other
Unknown Unk Other
CCA (crustose coralline algae) CCA Algae
Algae (fleshy) FALG Algae
Calcifying algae: Other MACR_Cal_O Algae
Turf algae Turf Algae