Corals: Stony corals: Sub-massive

Name: Corals: Stony corals: Sub-massive

Functional Group: Hard coral

Default Short Code: CSM

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Corals: Stony corals: Sub-massive


Similar to massive but has protrusions or a lumpier structure or can be plate-like with protrusions or columnar growth forms from the plate. Sub-massive corals can have knobs, columns or wedges protruding from an encrusting base.

Used in these sources:

Fathom Pacific | Gus - 3D structure NSW | Mosaics | RLS - Bouddi (MA+BC) | RLS - Shelly Beach (SB) | Save the Beach | Shannen - PQs | SIMP Bleaching 2016 | SIMP Hamish 2017 |

Create Date: Sept. 24, 2013, 11:26 a.m.

Created By: renata

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