Corals: Stony corals: Foliose

Name: Corals: Stony corals: Foliose

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Corals: Stony corals: Foliose


Foliose corals have a coral growth-form that is highly variable. The skeletal form approximates that of a broad, flattened plate growing into a range of intricate and often delicate forms. Foliaceous corals form horizontally flattened, unifacial plates or lobes that are attached to the reef substrate from the basal (ventral) surface. The plates may form tiers, whorls or vases, which can stacked in a complex, multi-layered arrangement. Their flattened shape results from a strong tendency for radial (edge) rather than vertical extension. Where plates are near-vertical they may be described as leafy or lettuce-like or where the plates are narrow, as flutes and spires. Similar to the open petals of a flower.

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