Name: Sandolitha

Functional Group: Hard coral

Default Short Code: Sando

Verified: No
Popularity: 60%

Stats: Used in 27 sources and for 133 annotations



This refers to the coral genus with the same name. This might be a misspelling of "Sandalolitha".

Used in these sources:

AIMS LTMP | Benthic Genus Level | Coral Sea | Coral Sea Surveys | KI_2007_BenthicAnalysis | KI_2014_BenthicAnalysis | Kiritimati_13_BenthicAnalysis | LTER Back Reef | LTER Fringe Reef | LTER Outer Reef | Maldives ACA | MCR Lagoon 2014 | Moorea Back Reef 2011 | Moorea Labeled Corals | Moorea LTER Back Reef | Outlet_TWN | Settlment&Recruitment | WCS-Vatuira source |

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