This labelset has 54 labels:
Name Short Code Functional Group
Acropora (digitate) AcDig Hard coral
Acropora (encrusting) AcEnc Hard coral
Acropora (branching) Acro-Br Hard coral
Acropora (submassive) AcroSub Hard coral
Acropora (tabulate) AcroTab Hard coral
Fungia Fung Hard coral
Hard coral Hard Hard coral
Isopora Isop Hard coral
Non-Acropora branching NonAcBr Hard coral
Non-Acropora encrusting NonAcEnc Hard coral
Non-Acropora foliose NonAcF Hard coral
Non-Acropora massive NonAcM Hard coral
Non-Acropora submassive NonAcSub Hard coral
Pocilloporidae POCI Hard coral
Poritidae (massive) POR-MASS Hard coral
Ascidian A Other Invertebrates
Corallimorpharia CMOR Other Invertebrates
Crown of thorns starfish COTS Other Invertebrates
Echinoderms: Ophiuroids EO Other Invertebrates
Echinoderms: Sea stars ESS Other Invertebrates
Echinoderms: sea urchin EUR Other Invertebrates
Tridacna: Giant clam GiCl Other Invertebrates
Heliopora Helio Other Invertebrates
Hydroid Hydra Other Invertebrates
Millepora Mille Other Invertebrates
Mobile invertebrates 1 MOB-INV Other Invertebrates
Molluscs: Gastropods MOG Other Invertebrates
Other sessile invertebrates OTH-SINV Other Invertebrates
Sea cucumber SECO Other Invertebrates
Soft Coral Soft Other Invertebrates
Sponge Sponge Other Invertebrates
Tubipora musica Tubi Other Invertebrates
Zoanthid ZOAN Other Invertebrates
Sand Sand Soft Substrate
Sediment Sediment Soft Substrate
Dead coral Dead Hard Substrate
Rock Rock Hard Substrate
Dead coral with algae DeadAlg Other
Fish FISH Other
Non-Bio Non-Bio Other
Broken coral rubble Rubble Other
Shadow SHAD Other
Trash Trash Other
Unclear Unc Other
Water WATE Other
Articulate Calcareous Algae (ACA) ACA Algae
Crustose Algae C_A Algae
Corticated Foliose Algae CFOL_A Algae
Corticated Macrophytes CMACRO_A Algae
Algae (filamentous) FIL_A Algae
Algae (foliose) FOL_A Algae
Leathery Macrophytes LMACRO_A Algae
Microalgae: cyanobacteria MICRO_A Algae
Turf and sand Turfsa Algae