This labelset has 147 labels:
Name Short Code Functional Group
Acanthastrea Acanth Hard coral
Acropora (arborescent) Acr_arb Hard coral
Acropora (branching) Acr_bra Hard coral
Acropora Acropora Hard coral
Acropora (tabulate) Acr_tab Hard coral
Alveopora Alveopora Hard coral
Astrea Astrea Hard coral
Astreopora Astreo Hard coral
Caulastrea Caula Hard coral
Coscinaraea Cosci Hard coral
Ctenactis Ctena Hard coral
Cycloseris Cyclo Hard coral
Cyphastrea Cypha Hard coral
Diploastrea Diplo Hard coral
Dipsastraea Dipsa Hard coral
Echinophyllia Echinophyl Hard coral
Echinopora Echinopora Hard coral
Euphyllia Euphyllia Hard coral
Favia fav Hard coral
Favites Favites Hard coral
Fungia Fungia Hard coral
Galaxea Galaxea Hard coral
Gardineroseris Gardineros Hard coral
Goniastrea Goniastrea Hard coral
Goniopora Goniopora Hard coral
Halomitra Hal Hard coral
Herpolitha Herpo Hard coral
Hydnophora Hydno Hard coral
Isopora Isopora Hard coral
Lace Coral lacecoral Hard coral
Leptastrea Lepta Hard coral
Leptoria Leptoria Hard coral
Leptoseris Leptoseris Hard coral
Lobophyllia Lobophyl Hard coral
Merulina Merulina Hard coral
Montipora Monti Hard coral
Mycedium Myc Hard coral
Other hard coral OTH-HC Hard coral
Oulophyllia Ouloph Hard coral
Oxypora Oxyp Hard coral
Pachyseris Pachyseris Hard coral
Pavona Pavona Hard coral
Pectinia PEC Hard coral
Physogyra Phys Hard coral
Platygyra Platy Hard coral
Plerogyra Plero Hard coral
Plesiastrea Plesiastr Hard coral
Pocillopora Pocill Hard coral
Porites cylindrica PorCyl Hard coral
Porites Porites Hard coral
Porites (massive) Por_mass Hard coral
Porites rus PorRus Hard coral
Psammocora Psammo Hard coral
Porites superfusa P-SUPER Hard coral
Sandolitha Sando Hard coral
Scapophyllia Scapophyll Hard coral
Seriatopora Seriatop Hard coral
Stylocoeniella Styloc Hard coral
Stylophora Styloph Hard coral
Symphyllia Symph Hard coral
Tubastrea Tubastrea Hard coral
Turbinaria (coral) Turbinaria Hard coral
Anemone Anemone Other Invertebrates
Branching Gorgonian BrGorg Other Invertebrates
Bryozoan bryozoan Other Invertebrates
Corallimorpharia Collimorph Other Invertebrates
Discosoma DiscoS Other Invertebrates
Dysidea sp Dys Other Invertebrates
Tridacna: Giant clam GiCl Other Invertebrates
Heliopora Heliop Other Invertebrates
Hydroid Hydra Other Invertebrates
Leather Coral LC Other Invertebrates
Millepora Millepora Other Invertebrates
Olive Sponge oliv_spong Other Invertebrates
Other invertebrate Other Inv Other Invertebrates
Pachyclavularia Pachcla Other Invertebrates
Soft Coral SC Other Invertebrates
Sponges: Hollow forms : Cups and alikes SHCA Other Invertebrates
Sponges: Terpios SINV_SPO_T Other Invertebrates
Sponge SP Other Invertebrates
Stylaster Sp. Stylas Other Invertebrates
Tunicate Tunicate Other Invertebrates
Zooanthid Zoo Other Invertebrates
Green diplosoma g_diplo Soft Substrate
Mud Mud Soft Substrate
Sand Sand Soft Substrate
Basalt Basalt Hard Substrate
Black Fungus Disease (BFD) BFD Other
Calcium Carbonate Calc Other
Brown Chrysophyte chrys_brn Other
Cyanobacteria CYANOB Other
Schizothrix Cyan red Other
Non-Bio Non-Bio Other
Rubble Rubble Other
Shadow SHAD Other
Other Algae ALG_OTH Algae
Amphiroa sp. Amphi Algae
CREP-T3a Amansia spp *AMSP Algae
Asparagopsis Asparago Algae
Avrainvillea Avrainvil Algae
Black crust BlackCru Algae
Boodlea Boodlea Algae
Brown fleshy algae BrFlesAlg Algae
Bryopsis spp. BrSpp Algae
Brillo Spike Pad BSP Algae
Calcified Macroalgae calc_macro Algae
Caulerpa Caulerpa Algae
CCA (crustose coralline algae) CCA Algae
Chlorodesmis sp. Chlor Algae
Chrysophyta CHRY Algae
Codium Cod Algae
Dictyosphaeria cavernosa DCav Algae
Dictyosphaeria Dictyosph Algae
Dictyota Dictyota Algae
Dictyosphaeria versluysii DVers Algae
Fleshy Calcified Algae flesh_calc Algae
Galaxaura Galaxaura Algae
CRED-Green macroalgae *GRMA Algae
Halimeda Halimeda Algae
Hypnea Hyp Algae
Jania Jania Algae
Liagora LIA Algae
Lobophora Lobophora Algae
Macroalgae: Articulated calcareous: red MAACR Algae
Macroalgae: Encrusting: brown MAENB Algae
Macroalgae: Encrusting: green MAENG Algae
Macroalgae MAL Algae
Mastophora mastophora Algae
Macroalgae:Encrusting:Red:Calcareous:Crustose MERCC Algae
Microdictyon Microdicty Algae
Neomeris Neomeris Algae
Padina Padina Algae
Palmophyllum crassum Palmophyl_ Algae
Peyssonnelia Peysson Algae
Red Calcified Macroalgae redcalcmac Algae
Red fleshy algae RFA Algae
Rhipilia spp. Rhp Algae
Sargassum Sargassum Algae
Sick CCA SCCA Algae
Turbinaria (algae) Turbin Algae
Turf algae Turf Algae
Turf and sand Turf_sand Algae
Tydemania spp. Tyd Algae
Ulva Ulva Algae
Valonia spp. Valspp Algae
Ventricaria sp. Vent Algae