This labelset has 80 labels:
Name Short Code Functional Group
Acropora (branching) Acr_branc Hard coral
Acropora Acropora Hard coral
Bleached Acropora B_Acr Hard coral
Bleached Fungia B_Fungia Hard coral
Bleached Hard Coral B_HC Hard coral
Bleached Platygyra B_Platy Hard coral
Bleached Pocillopora B_Pocillo Hard coral
Bleached Porites (massive) B_Porites Hard coral
Bleached Seriatopora B_Seria Hard coral
Bleached Stylophora pistillata B_SPIS Hard coral
Bleached Stylophora B_Stylo Hard coral
Turbinaria (coral)_bleached B_Turbi Hard coral
Coral Coral Hard coral
Cyphastrea (sub-massive) Cyph_subm Hard coral
Dead Pocillopora D_Pocillo Hard coral
Dead Porites massive D_Porites Hard coral
Fungia Fungia Hard coral
Hard coral HC Hard coral
Hard Coral (branching) HC_bran Hard coral
Hard Coral (bushy) HC_bushy Hard coral
Hard Coral (columnar) HC_column Hard coral
Hard Coral (encrusting) HC_encr Hard coral
Hard Coral (free-living) HC_free Hard coral
Hard Coral (massive) HC_massive Hard coral
Massive coral MC Hard coral
Millepora spp. Mille_spp Hard coral
Platygyra Platygyra Hard coral
Pocillopora damicornis PocDam Hard coral
Pocillopora Pocill Hard coral
Pocillopora species Poci_spp Hard coral
Pocillopora verrucosa PocVer Hard coral
Porites_massive Por_mass Hard coral
Recent Dead Coral RD_HC Hard coral
Seriatopora Branching Ser_branch Hard coral
Seriatopora Seriatopor Hard coral
Stylophora pistillata SPIS Hard coral
Stylophora Stylo Hard coral
Stylophora (branching) Stylo_bran Hard coral
Turbinaria_massive Turbi_mas Hard coral
Turbinaria (coral) Turbinaria Hard coral
Unidentified Hard Coral Un_HC Hard coral
The crown-of-thorns sea star, Acanthaster pl Acanthast Other Invertebrates
Anemone, unidentified ANUN Other Invertebrates
Benthic Invertebrate Benth_inv Other Invertebrates
Millepora bleached B_Mille Other Invertebrates
Sea cucumber Cucumber Other Invertebrates
Echinoderms: sea urchin: regular urchins Echino Other Invertebrates
Hydrocoral Hydrocoral Other Invertebrates
Millepora alcicornis Mille_alci Other Invertebrates
Millepora Millepora Other Invertebrates
Octocorallia Octocoral Other Invertebrates
Other Invertebrates Other_Inve Other Invertebrates
Soft Coral SC Other Invertebrates
Soft Coral (massive) SC_massive Other Invertebrates
Sponges: Erect forms: Branching Sponge Other Invertebrates
Sponge, unidentified SPUN Other Invertebrates
Unknown Invertebrate Unk_invert Other Invertebrates
Sand Sand Soft Substrate
Branching Soft Coral SC_branch Soft Substrate
Dead coral D_coral Hard Substrate
Rock Turf Algae RCTA Hard Substrate
Stylophora spp._recently dead RD_Stylo Hard Substrate
Bare Rock Rock_bar Hard Substrate
Rock Rubble Rock_Rub Hard Substrate
Substrate: Consolidated (hard) Rock SCRO Hard Substrate
Broken coral rubble C_Rub Other
Dead coral with algae DC_Alg Other
Fish Fish Other
On Quadrat On_Quad Other
Outside quadrat Out_Quad Other
Quadrat Quad Other
Exposed Rock Rock_exp Other
Rubble Rubble Other
Trash: Human Origin TSH Other
Unknown Unknown Other
Water Water Other
Brown algae, unidentified BRUN Algae
Crustose coralline algae CCA 1 Algae
Macroalgae Macro_Alg Algae
Turf on rubble Turf_rubbl Algae