This labelset has 117 labels:
Name Short Code Functional Group
Agaricia agaricites AAGA Hard coral
Acropora cervicornis ACER Hard coral
Agaricia fragilis AFRA Hard coral
Agaricia AGAR Hard coral
Agaricia grahamae AGRA Hard coral
Agaricia humilis AHUM Hard coral
Agaricia lamarcki ALAM Hard coral
Acropora palmata APAL Hard coral
Acropora prolifera APRO Hard coral
Agaricia tenuifolia ATEN Hard coral
Agaricia undata AUND Hard coral
Colpophyllia breviserialis CBRE Hard coral
Colpophyllia natans CNAt Hard coral
Coral Coral Hard coral
Dendrogyra cylindrus DCYL Hard coral
Diploria labyrinthiformis DLAB Hard coral
Dichocoenia stellaris DSTE Hard coral
Dichocoenia stokesi DSTO Hard coral
Eusmilia fastigiata EFAS Hard coral
Favia fragum FFRA Hard coral
Stylaster roseus Fire Sros Hard coral
Helioseris cucullata HCUC Hard coral
Isophyllia sinuosa ISIN Hard coral
Leptoseris cailleti LCAI Hard coral
Mycetophyllia aliciae MALI Hard coral
Mussa angulosa MANG Hard coral
Manicina areolata MARE Hard coral
Madracis auretenra MAUR Hard coral
Madracis carmabi MCAR Hard coral
Montastraea cavernosa MCAV Hard coral
Mycetophyllia danaana MDAN Hard coral
Madracis decacitis MDEC Hard coral
Mycetophyllia ferox MFER Hard coral
Madracis formosa MFOR Hard coral
Mycetophyllia lamarckana MLAM Hard coral
Meandrina meandrites MMEA Hard coral
Madracis senaria MSEN Hard coral
Mycetophyllia MYCE Hard coral
Orbicella annularis OANN Hard coral
Oculina diffusa ODIF Hard coral
Orbicella faveolata OFAV Hard coral
Orbicella franksi OFRA Hard coral
Porites astreoides PAST Hard coral
Porites branneri PBRA Hard coral
Pseudodiploria clivosa PCLI Hard coral
Porites divaricata PDIV Hard coral
Porites furcata PFUR Hard coral
Porites porites PPOR Hard coral
Pseudodiploria strigosa PSTRI Hard coral
Solenastrea bournoni SBOU Hard coral
Scolymia cubensis SCUB Hard coral
Solenastrea hyades SHYA Hard coral
Stephanocoenia intersepta SINT Hard coral
Scolymia lacera SLAC Hard coral
Stephanocoenia michellini SMIC Hard coral
Siderastrea radians SRAD Hard coral
Siderastrea siderea SSID Hard coral
Ascidian A Other Invertebrates
Pseudopterogorgia ANTI Other Invertebrates
Briareum BRIA Other Invertebrates
Chondrilla spp. CHON Other Invertebrates
Clionid spp. CLIONI Other Invertebrates
Erythropodium caribaeorum ECAR Other Invertebrates
Encrusting sponge ENSP Other Invertebrates
Eunicea spp. EUNI Other Invertebrates
Gorgoniidae GORGO Other Invertebrates
Gorgonia spp. GVEN Other Invertebrates
Hydrozoa HYDRO Other Invertebrates
Iciligorgia spp. ICIL Other Invertebrates
Millepora alcicornis MALC Other Invertebrates
Millepora complanata MCOM Other Invertebrates
Millepora Mille Other Invertebrates
Millepora squarrosa MSQUA Other Invertebrates
Muricea spp. MURI Other Invertebrates
Muriceopsis spp. MURO Other Invertebrates
Other invertebrate Other Inv Other Invertebrates
Palythoa PALY Other Invertebrates
Plexaurella spp. PLEL Other Invertebrates
Plexaura spp. PLEX Other Invertebrates
Pseudoplexaura spp. PSEUGORG Other Invertebrates
Pterogorgia PTER Other Invertebrates
Sponge Other SpgOth Other Invertebrates
Sponges: Massive forms: Barrels SPONGB Other Invertebrates
Sponges: Branching, Rope Forms SPONGR Other Invertebrates
Sponges: Vase SPONGV Other Invertebrates
Tube or Rod Sponge SPTU Other Invertebrates
Trididemnum spp. TRIDI Other Invertebrates
Zoanthid ZOAN Other Invertebrates
Loose Substrate: Rubble LSUB_RUB Soft Substrate
Sand Sand Soft Substrate
Limestone free of overgrowth LIME Hard Substrate
Cyanobacteria films CYAN Other
Schizothrix Cyan red Other
Shadow SHAD Other
Unknown Unk Other
Amphiroa sp. Amphi Algae
Branching and calcareous algae BRAN-CALC Algae
Crustose coralline algae CCA 1 Algae
Cyanobacterium sp. Cya_spe Algae
Dictyota Dicsp Algae
Halimeda spp. Hal_spp Algae
Liagora LIA Algae
Lobophora spp. Lob_spp Algae
Macroalgae Macro Algae
Padina Pad Algae
Padina spp. Pad_spp Algae
Porolithon Poro Algae
Sargassum Sarg Algae
Stypopodium sp. Styp Algae
Turf overgrowing recently dead coral Tc Tf Algae
Thick turf algae Tk Tf Algae
Grazed or thin turf Tn Tf Algae
Turbinaria (algae) Turbin Algae
Wrangelia WRA Algae
Seagrass Seagrass Seagrass
Thalassia THAL Seagrass