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This labelset has 149 labels:
Name Short Code Functional Group
Acropora cervicornis AcrCerv Hard coral
Acropora Acropora Hard coral
Acropora palmata AcrPalm Hard coral
Acropora prolifera AcrPro Hard coral
Agaricia agaricites AgAga Hard coral
Agaricia Agaricia Hard coral
Agaricia grahamae AgGra Hard coral
Agaricia humilis AgHum Hard coral
Agaricia lamarcki AgLam Hard coral
Colpophyllia breviserialis COB Hard coral
Colpophylia colpo Hard coral
Colpophyllia natans CoNat Hard coral
Dendrogyra cylindrus DenCyl Hard coral
Dichocoenia dichoco Hard coral
Dichocoenia stokesi Dicho_stok Hard coral
Diploria labyrinthiformis DiplLab Hard coral
Diploria spp Diploria Hard coral
Dipsastraea Dipsa Hard coral
Eusmilia fastigiata EFAS Hard coral
Stylaster roseus Fire Sros Hard coral
Helioseris cucullata HeCuc Hard coral
Isophyllia rigida IsophRig Hard coral
Isophyllia sinuosa IsophSin Hard coral
Isophyllia Isophyllia Hard coral
Manicina areolata MAA Hard coral
Madracis carmabi MadCarm Hard coral
Madracis decactis MadDeca Hard coral
Madracis pharensis MadPhar Hard coral
Madracis Madracis Hard coral
Madracis senaria MadSen Hard coral
Madracis mirabilis MAMI Hard coral
Meandrina meandrites MM Hard coral
Montastraea cavernosa MontaCav Hard coral
Montastraea Montastr Hard coral
Mussa angulosa MUSANG Hard coral
Mycetophyllia aliciae MycetAli Hard coral
Mycetophyllia ferox MycetFer Hard coral
Mycetophyllia Mycetophy Hard coral
Orbicella annularis OrbAnn Hard coral
Orbicella faveolata OrbFav Hard coral
Orbicella franksi OrbFrank Hard coral
Orbicella Orbicella Hard coral
Porites astreoides PorAstr Hard coral
Porites branneri PorBran Hard coral
Porites divaricata PorDiv Hard coral
Porites Porites Hard coral
Porites porites PorPor Hard coral
Pseudodiploria clivosa PseuCliv Hard coral
Pseudodiploria strigosa PseuStrig Hard coral
Scolymia SCOL Hard coral
Scolymia lacera SCOLA Hard coral
Siderastrea Siderastr Hard coral
Siderastrea radians SidRad Hard coral
Siderastrea siderea SidSid Hard coral
Stephanocoenia intersepta StephInt Hard coral
Tubastrea Tubastrea Hard coral
Turbinaria (coral) Turbinaria Hard coral
Desmapsama sp. 12345 Other Invertebrates
Antipatharia Ant Other Invertebrates
Agelas A.O Other Invertebrates
Aplysina spp. AP sp Other Invertebrates
Ascidian ASCD Other Invertebrates
Branching Gorgonian BrGorg Other Invertebrates
Briareum asbestinum BRIASB Other Invertebrates
Chondrilla spp. CHON Other Invertebrates
Clionid spp. CLIONI Other Invertebrates
Encrusting sponge ENSP Other Invertebrates
Erythropodium erythro Other Invertebrates
Eunicea spp. EUNSPP Other Invertebrates
Briareum GORG-BRI Other Invertebrates
Gorgoniidae GORGONII Other Invertebrates
Helioseris helios Other Invertebrates
Holothuroidea HOL Other Invertebrates
Hydrozoa HZ Other Invertebrates
Ircinia sp. IRCINIA Other Invertebrates
Millepora alcicornis MILA Other Invertebrates
Millepora complanata MILC Other Invertebrates
Millepora Millepora Other Invertebrates
Millepora striata MILS Other Invertebrates
Millepora squarrosa MIS Other Invertebrates
Muriceopsis spp. MURISPP Other Invertebrates
Muricea spp. MURSPP Other Invertebrates
Niphates sp Niph Other Invertebrates
Niphates erecta Niphates Other Invertebrates
Other invertebrate Other Inv Other Invertebrates
Palythoa PALYTHO Other Invertebrates
Palythoa caribaeorum PCAR Other Invertebrates
Plakortis PLAK Other Invertebrates
Plexaura spp. PLESPP Other Invertebrates
Plexaurella spp. PLEXSPP Other Invertebrates
Pseudoplexaura spp. PSESPP Other Invertebrates
Pseudopterogorgia Pseudopter Other Invertebrates
Pterogorgia Pterogorg Other Invertebrates
Sponge SP Other Invertebrates
Trididemnum spp. TRIDI Other Invertebrates
Tunicate Tunicate Other Invertebrates
Verongula sp. Ver Other Invertebrates
Zoanthid Zoanthid Other Invertebrates
Sand Sand Soft Substrate
limestone_stable_substrate limess Hard Substrate
Calcium Carbonate Calc Other
Cyanobacteria CYANOB Other
Schizothrix Cyan red Other
Halophilia halphil Other
Hannia hannia Other
Other O Other
Acetabularia calyculus Algae
Acetabularia spp. ACET Algae
Acetabularia crenulata A.cre Algae
Amphiroa sp. Amphi Algae
Branching and calcareous algae BRAN-CALC Algae
Brown fleshy algae BrFlesAlg Algae
Calcareous algae CALG Algae
Caulerpa Caulerpa Algae
Caulerpa racemosa CauRac Algae
Caulerpa serrulata Cau_ser Algae
CCA (crustose coralline algae) CCA Algae
Dictyosphaeria cavernosa DCav Algae
Dictyopteris Dictyopter Algae
Dictyota Dictyota Algae
Galaxaura Galaxaura Algae
Green fleshy algae GFA Algae
Halimeda copiosa Hal.cop Algae
Halimeda Halimeda Algae
Jania Jania Algae
Liagora LIA Algae
Lobophora variegata LopVar Algae
Neomeris Neomeris Algae
Padina boergesenii Pad.boe Algae
Padina Padina Algae
Padina jamaicensis Pad.jam Algae
Penicillus spp. PENCIL Algae
Peyssonnelia Peysson Algae
Red fleshy algae RFA Algae
Rhipocephalus phoenix Rhipo.phoe Algae
Sargassum Sargassum Algae
Sargassum hystrix SarHys Algae
Sargassum fluitans S-flu Algae
Stypopodium sp. Styp Algae
Trichogloea tricho Algae
Turbinaria (algae) Turbin Algae
Turf algae Turf Algae
Udotea spp. UDOT Algae
Valonia ventricosa Vavent Algae
Wrangelia penicillata Wrangel pe Algae
Halodule wrightii HalodWri Seagrass
Seagrass Seagrass Seagrass
Syringodium Syringodiu Seagrass
Thalassia testudinum ThalTes Seagrass